In a philosophical discussion meeting, we dive into the client's inner life, observe different life situations and ways of working in a controlled manner. We reflect on feelings, emotions and thought patterns, their effects and hidden causes. Careful observation opens access to the deeper dimensions of existence; helps to better understand the internal dynamics of events.

Philosophical reception does not imply any traditional therapy or knowledge based on a ready-made formula and expertise. Rather, through an open and equal discussion, we aim to deeply explore the customer's life situation and its possible problem areas from different angles. In a creative and sensitive interaction, very personal fundamental questions related to the direction of life, values and choices can arise in the conversation, the confidential handling of which increases self-understanding and quality of life. In essence, the question often comes back to what the individual's perception of the purpose and meaning of hers/his life is, and how the person's current life situation takes shape against this background.

The starting point of the discussion is the assumption of a person as a multilevel psychophysical entity. With our awareness, we have the ability to evaluate, and, if necessary, change our ways of working. In addition to common sense and learned ways of thinking, things can also be perceived more personally, through immediate understanding. By strengthening this ability, we can reach out to previously unconscious factors that may have greatly influenced a person's choices and life course. Awareness is the key to inner balance and genuine spiritual growth. As consciousness expands and its discernment improves, a person sees things more clearly - finds one's own path and a way to wisely steer one's own life in the totality of existence.

On the path of life, everyone can run into their limits from time to time. Philosophical discussion offers an opportunity to pause. Depending on the situation, we can shed light on big existential questions or tackle everyday problems, such as managing life or coping at work. The client defines the boundaries of the conversation. In accordance with their wishes, I can be either a more active or a passive conversational partner: I can remain mainly as a mirror through which clients can clarify their thoughts and basic assumptions, or I can act more actively, and based on my own experience and vision, also offer new perspectives and proposed solutions. My ideas are based both on the philosophical traditions of East and West, as well as on modern neuroscience and consciousness research.

Before the meeting, the clients receive a questionnaire that allows them to calmly reflect on suitable procedures and their deepest ideas about life and its possible purpose. In order for the interaction to be successful, it is important that the answers to the questions are as short and clear as possible. When a person is really ready to look at her-/him-self and the course of hers/his life with complete openness and honesty, as if as an external observer, without rejecting anything and without concealment, the access to new resources is opened.

The philosophical consultation usually takes place in the center of Helsinki on Uudenmaankatu in KalpaTaru's new premises. It can also be arranged in a quiet rural environment in Kirkkonummi or, if necessary, with the help of a telephone or the Zoom connection. The hourly charge is 45 euros. Contact us!

KalpaTaru's philosophical reception is part of the Philosophical Practice Network FIVE. See the introduction here.