In Hindu mythology, Kalpataru is a mythical world tree, a tree of life, and a cosmic wishing tree that connects the reality of the visible world with the higher layers of reality. As an internal pillar, it also unites all human resources into one living entity.

As a forum promoting human growth and sustainable development, KalpaTaru is also the business name of Tarja Kallio-Tamminen. The starting points of the activity are the quantum revolution and yoga philosophy. Through them, new routes and connections are growing into the world tree, where modern scientific-technical knowledge and the ancient wisdom of the East nourish each other in a constructive way. 

The century-long debate on the interpretation of quantum mechanics has made it clear that the particle mechanistic understanding of reality based on classical physics is incorrect. Matter and spirit cannot be unequivocally separated. Global issues show that our inner reality, knowledge and goals are reflected in the shaping of the outer world.

Sustainable development requires, first of all, the development of the person itself. A better understanding of our inner space, possibilities and responsibilities. In KalpaTaru, the place intended for introspection, is the philosophical counselling. Open discussion and individually tailored yoga exercises can untie knots and give each person stimuli for thinking about the purpose of one's life. The experiential approach of yoga is the key to better awareness of the contents of the mind and finding one's own way.

EEG guided mind control refers to the examination of the subjectively experienced mental events and changes also objectively through neurophysiological changes in brain functions. This unique innovative approach was born in 2012, when in cooperation with BM-Science - Brain and Mind Technologies Research Centre, we started EEG-assisted meditation, which measures the effects of meditation on brain functions.

The BrainMind Audit and Self-Me-I indexes developed for the project have since then produced a wealth of neurophenomenological research data on the interaction of the brain and mind, the variations in the experience of the self, and the ability of individuals to self-regulate their internal states. With increasing knowledge, even safer exercise methods suitable for therapeutic use can be developed. With the customers' permission, all measurement results obtained within KalpaTaru's activity can also be used for scientific research purposes. All income generated from KalpaTaru's operations is used for research activities, so this way the customers of KalpaTaru also finance the research.

As a world tree, KalpaTaru forms a solid foundation for the sustainable development of people and culture. Our operations are based on high competence, in-depth knowledge of modern natural science and philosophy of science. As a tree of life, KalpaTaru contains both a spiritual and an ecological dimension. We strive to renew the mechanistic-deterministic perception of reality, so that the development of the spiritual potential inherent in humanity is understood as the starting point for both a meaningful life and the future of humanity.
Various crises and challenges can be seen as natural parts of the cosmic development process - the catalysts we need to expand our consciousness.