Through KalpaTaru, in addition to the BrainMind Audit and Self-Me-I measurements, other additional studies and risk analyses that map the functions of the brain and mind are also available. With the help of these neuroscientific qEEG-screening measures you can, for example, find out how high your risk of memory disorders, dementia, depression or cerebrovascular disorders. ADHD or post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) also leave clear marks on the brain curve, the compatibility of which with your measurement result can be determined. 

The measurements are based on extensive population-level surveys and peer-reviewed scientific research, but they should not be understood as part of clinical health care or medical expertise. The measurements take place at BM-Science's premises in Espoo, Finland. 

The feedback discussion based on the measurement results mainly takes place at the premises of KalpaTaru on Uudenmaankatu in Helsinki. If necessary, it can also be arranged remotely using a Zoom connection. The total price of the risk mapping is 150-500 euros, depending on its scope. Contact us.